1.1. Delivery time

The delivery time is about 8 weeks.
The delivery time for already made goods (one of a kind) is about 1 week.

1.2 Shipping method

We deliver via Deutsche Post, DHL or FedEx.

1.3. Accepted countries

We deliver packages to destinations in Germany, the European Union or the US.
For shipping costs see section 2.1., 2.2. and 2.3. und 2.3.


2.1. Germany, US, UK

Shipping costs are included in the price of each product

2.2. Europe

shipping fee 10,00 Euro

2.3. Border-crossing deliveries

Please be aware that additional taxes/fees (e.g., in the form of duties) may apply for border-crossing deliveries (e.g., in the case of intra country purchase) which the customer has to pay.


3.1. For shipping inside Germany / Europe / US

The following payment methods for shipping inside Germany / Europe / US are available

  • Prepayment per wire transfer
  • Invoice according to the agreement
  • Creditcard (Visa, Master)
  • Paypal

3.2 For shipping abroad

Shipping to countries outside the European Union might include additional fees. These fees are the obligations and responsibilities of the buyer. The vendor is not liable.

These fees are also applicable when the shipping is send to a destination inside the European Union but the customer transfers the money from a country outside the European Union.​