“Each bead is unique in the same way all of us are.”

Individual. Handcrafted. Unique. These are the Kettenmacherin's values and her work. he Kettenmacherin Monica Nesseler designs and creates expressive and colorful jewelry emphasizing the wearer's individuality. The process of creating the necklaces makes each of them unique.

My Highlights

Murano Glass Necklaces (45)

Ring Necklaces (14)

Earrings (15)

Monica Neßeler


  • > to play with colors
  • > to work with her hands
  • > to get inspired by nature and art
  • > to dive into colorthemes
  • > the colorful and the differences
  • > to find the best necklaces for her customer


  • > to write texts
  • > only one special color
  • > uniformity
  • > too narrow necklaces
  • > not to see her customers

How I work

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