You have the possibility to create a necklace that is based on your imagination, idea, and needs. Would you like to have a ring- or a Muroanoglass necklace but with a different clasp? Maybe you have a dress or some other clothes that require a special kind of support from a colorful necklace? Do you love a painting and you want to reflect some of its colors in a necklace? These are challenges which the Kettenmacherin loves to discuss with you. The result will be an unique product which reflects you.

Examples for individually designed necklaces

This necklace stands out for several design features at once: The smooth, shiny Murano glass beads are combined with beaded beads of different shapes and designs. This contrast in material and form creates a tension that is intensified by the aesthetically pleasing colour combination of lila, mustard and turquois. The unique piece, handmade by the Kettenmacherin, becomes an eye-catcher!

This necklace was requested by The Contemporary Austin in the US. The Kettenmacherin designed and made it based on a piece of art by the artist Liam Gillick, which is exhibited in the museum (see picture on the right).

This custom-made necklace stands out due to the variety of shapes, colours and materials of the necklace elements. The Kettenmacherin combined different beaded beads with Murano glass beads. Especially the color combination of cream, blue, black and red makes this necklace unique.